Anak Muda Jago (AMJ) is a newly established production house in the Indonesian cinematic landscape. Comprising a passionate and talented team, AMJ is dedicated to reshaping storytelling, infusing creativity and professionalism into each project.

In the world of film,
every detail tells a
part of the story.


Anak Muda Jago (AMJ) embarked on its cinematic journey in the heart of Indonesia with a vision to present a new way of storytelling. Established by Arsa Linggih, a young and visionary talent hailing from Bali. Arsa’s deep love for the cinematic arts and a longstanding fascination with the world of filmmaking inspired him to create a production house that contributes fresh and unique narratives to the landscape of Indonesian cinema.

AMJ is fueled by the energy of a dynamic team of young and talented individuals who share a common dedication to reshaping Indonesia’s film landscape. The production house prides itself on challenging conventions, crafting narratives that resonate with contemporary audiences, and infusing every project with a distinctive blend of youthful enthusiasm and professional finesse.



Arsa is an entrepreneur and film producer who honed his skills at the Los Angeles Film School, USA. Arsa wants to showcase to the world the immense talent and bright future of Bali’s youth.

That’s why he founded Anak Muda Jago, a production house set to transform our perspective of Indonesian cinema with fresh and distinctive narrative touches.